St. Peter’s Nursery School is fortunate to enjoy an experienced teaching staff with a low turnover rate. Because of this, children and their teachers are able to develop close and meaningful relationships. Studies have shown that a strong, high-quality child-teacher relationship provides a sense of security and a strong foundation for learning, during preschool years and later in life. The strength of this relationship encourages a child to successfully navigate and overcome new social, emotional, and academic challenges.


The preschool years are a critical stage of development where a teacher plays the role of both caregiver and educator. At St. Peter’s, teachers treat each child as an individual and encourage the child to develop at his/her own pace. This nurturing respect for each child produces positive developmental outcomes, evident in his/her skills when the child arrives at kindergarten.


We are honored that so many families have trusted us with their children, and over so many years.


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Charlene Krig, Director


Beth Daly, Pre-K Lead Teacher


Jennifer Lawrence, Pre-K Teacher


Beth Bommhardt, Toddler Lead Teacher

Jillian Paradise, Toddler Teacher

Sara Morley, Toddler Teacher