At St. Peter's Nursery School, we  are a "diaper friendly" environment providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum, tailored to the needs of our incoming students. We offer flexibility in our scheduling so that families can customize their preschool experience to fit their needs. We offer field trips, special projects, and enrichment classes that offer exposure to music, dance, foreign language, and nature studies.

Our goal is to provide the appropriate environment for learning to take place by:


  • Creating a positive self-image

  • Encouraging independence and problem-solving

  • Increasing social skills

  • Increasing fine motor skills

  • Developing gross motor coordination

  • Increasing speech and language skills





Our 6-week Summer Program is very popular!  Here are some of the reasons why:


  • Friendships!  Children have time to form meaningful social relationships due to consistent enrollment.

  • Teachers!  Our nurturing staff is comprised of certified teachers or college students studying Early Childhood Education.

◦ Lead summer teachers are year round staff members.

◦ Trained staff can address the specific social, emotional & educational needs of this age group.

  • Flexibility in the number of days and pick-up times.

  • Low Ratio of children to staff.

  • Ages 2-6 years old only.  Children in diapers welcome.

  • Curriculum emphasizes exploration and discovery across all disciplines through a combination of structured and unstructured play activities in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

◦ STEM- Children are natural scientists.  

◦ Physical– Children learn while moving.

 Language Arts- Children gain exposure through books and music.

◦ Arts & Crafts- Children explore creative self-expression.


Want to know more?  Contact Charlene Krig for more information and an application.