Q & A with Jennifer Lawrence


What do you love about early education?

The things I love most about Early Education are the children’s love and enthusiasm for school. They arrive excited to start the day, learn and spend time with their friends. It is so rewarding to watch them as they grow socially and develop relationships with their peers. Realizing children reach milestones at different times, I enjoy watching each child grow as a whole and celebrating his/her successes along the way.


What core strengths do you bring to St. Peter's?

I love finding new children’s’ literature and incorporating it into our program through art projects, cooking projects, as well as science exploration. I enjoy getting to know each child as an individual and trying to incorporate ideas based upon the interests of the children.


What do you think makes St. Peter's special?

So much makes St. Peter’s Nursery School special. The longevity of staff and the safe, nurturing environment we provide allows children to be individuals. Also, through the teamwork of the staff, we are able to come up with new ideas and solutions, thus adding to our program and evolving as needed. In addition, our Extended Day and Enrichment Program offer so much. We are also blessed with a beautiful outdoor space for exploring nature in all seasons.